What are the design requirements for purification construction in microbiological laboratories?

2023-10-28 11:27

The laboratory planning approach is economical and useful. The level of evolution requirement is level ten thousand, and the laboratory planning includes preparation work for first and second shifts, wind drenching, and buffering experiments. The principle of separation of pedestrian flow and logistics is adopted to reduce experimental pollution and ensure safety. The design and planning should refer to the following standards

1. The layout requirements are compact and reasonable, satisfying the laboratory operation and air cleanliness level requirements, striving for the principles of scientificity and economy together, considering the laboratory requirements and optimal development and work costs.

2. An air shower room is installed at the entrance of the clean room, which can effectively eliminate dust carried by the human body and reduce the amount of dust in the clean room. The air shower room also serves as an air lock to prevent unclean clean air from entering the clean area through the door.

3. The clean room requires a certain proportion of fresh air to be supplied indoors, purified and filtered before entering various laboratories to compensate for exhaust, ensuring positive pressure and the needs of operators.

4. The clean room is equipped with ultraviolet sterilization equipment.

5. The transfer window is made of all stainless steel raw materials, mechanically interlocked and controlled, with sterilization equipment inside.

6. The observation window is a closed clean window, and the door is an airtight clean door.


2、 A biosafety laboratory, also known as a biological laboratory, is a place for conducting experiments related to the field of biology. With the increasingly strict requirements for quality control, the demand for constant temperature and humidity environments is increasing, and the application fields are also becoming wider and wider. Generally, there are biological laboratories on campus, and blood testing laboratories in hospitals are also biosafety laboratories. Generally, entering a biological laboratory is for the purpose of learning and research, and is graded according to different research policies, with a total of four levels.

3、 The PCR laboratory project is also an important project of Hunan Purification Engineering Company.

The clinical gene amplification laboratory mainly applies PCR (polymerase chain reaction) technology to disease conclusion and treatment monitoring.

PCR laboratory partition: reagent storage and preparation area; Specimen preparation area; Amplification reaction mixture manufacturing and amplification zone; Expanded product analysis area (using fully automated closed analysis for food testing, this area may not be set up)

1. Each work area must have clear symbols to prevent the misuse of equipment and items in different work areas. Personnel and objects entering each work area must strictly follow a single direction.

2. Use different work clothes (such as different colors) in different work areas. Operators are not allowed to bring their work clothes out when leaving each work area.