Factory purification: establishing a fresh corporate environment

2023-10-28 11:23

The purpose of factory purification is to prevent industrial pollution and air pollutants from causing adverse effects on human health. There are various purification methods, mainly including ventilation, dust removal, filtration, and other methods. Ventilation can effectively remove dust, smoke, odors, and microorganisms from the air; Dust removal can remove impurities such as dust, sand, and mud, reducing the air pollution index; Filtering is the process of excluding debris to The surrounding environment is clean and hygienic. It is very important to choose appropriate purification methods based on different situations and combine them with practical experience for factory purification. Only by taking reasonable and feasible measures can environmental pollution problems be effectively avoided.


When selecting purification methods, the following factors should be considered: 1 The size of the factory building area. The smaller the factory, the better the purification effect. 2. Number and power of purification equipment. Usually, the more purification equipment required, the better. 3. The degree of factory pollution. It is necessary to determine the plant purification plan based on the actual situation of the enterprise. 4. Economic benefits. By adjusting appropriately according to factors such as different workloads and environmental conditions, better results can be obtained. 5. Schedule. Reasonable planning of purification plans can help reduce purification time.

With the development of industry, factory purification is an increasingly important field. Purification of factory buildings can effectively reduce air and water pollution, improve air quality, reduce noise, and extend the service life of buildings. Currently, in Industrial parks in various regions have adopted factory purification technology to improve environmental quality. However, many companies have still failed to solve this problem, leading to frequent occurrences of increased pollutant content in factory emissions and deteriorating air quality. Therefore, how to choose a suitable factory purification method is a major issue in front of people.