How is the purification engineering of the operating room designed?

2023-10-28 12:00

With the development of society, people's demands for health are becoming higher and higher. Especially in modern cities, the purification engineering of operating rooms has become an essential part. However, due to various reasons, there are still certain problems in the purification engineering of operating rooms in China. So how is the purification engineering of the operating room designed?

1. Preparation before surgery

Preparation before surgery is a very important step. Firstly, before performing the surgery, we need to monitor factors such as the operating room environment, temperature, and humidity. If any non compliant situations are found, they should be immediately addressed or replaced with new purification equipment. In addition, it is also important to consider that we may use some special drugs or materials to replace cleaning agents. These drugs can effectively help reduce the number of bacteria and improve surgical efficiency. Secondly, preoperative care is also important. Nurses should pay attention to keeping the air around patients fresh and avoid keeping them in damp and stuffy places for a long time.


2. Design Method for Purification Engineering in Operating Rooms

The design methods of operating room purification engineering mainly include purifying indoor air, installing ventilation systems, pipelines, and equipment. (1) Purifying indoor air: Before surgery, it should be determined whether indoor air filtration is necessary based on the specific situation. Generally, it can be done before or after the surgery, but attention should be paid to preventing pollution issues; (2) Installing a ventilation system: When preparing for surgery, one should first consider whether the indoor environment is suitable for using air conditioning. If not, other methods should be chosen to reduce indoor temperature.

3. Purification effect test of operating room

The preparation work before the surgery is The foundation for the quality and effectiveness of purification engineering design in operating rooms. We have conducted some research in this area and tested the main pollutants in the purification process of the operating room. These results indicate that it can effectively remove pollutants such as microorganisms and bacteria from the air, but cannot completely remove harmful substances; The use of ultraviolet radiation can cause pollutants to produce new compounds, leading to increased air pollution in hospitals; The air quality in the surgical operating room is poor, and it is necessary to strengthen ventilation and dust removal. Therefore, based on the above research results, we believe that the following measures should be taken to improve the purification system of the operating room: increasing the position of the air inlet and setting up a set of auxiliary devices to help the surgeon control the airflow and avoid affecting the air circulation in other nearby areas.