What is the development trend of China's domestic purification engineering industry?

2023-10-28 11:12

At present, the purification engineering work in China is progressing rapidly. Below, we will introduce the development trend of purification engineering work in China from two aspects: market prospects and market competition.

1、 Market Prospects

When it comes to the prospects of domestic purification engineering work in shopping malls, there is a vast demand for them. This is because domestic work in biomedicine, electronic information, precision instruments, food and chemical engineering is continuing, which has also driven the development of purification engineering work. It can be said that the purification engineering work in China is entering a new stage of development.

With the implementation of domestic medical reform and the release of GMP 2010, the demand for purification engineering in biopharmaceutical and food chemical industries has been greatly promoted, and the large-scale expansion of the entire purification engineering work has been driven. Due to the positive impact of these policies, the strong demand for purification engineering in domestic shopping malls will be maintained for a long time.


According to speculation in relevant parts, by 2020, the scale of domestic purification engineering malls will have a compound annual growth rate of about 9%. Undoubtedly, this is a considerable number, indicating that the continued expansion of the work mall scale will provide huge opportunities for companies to take the lead in their work.

2、 Market competition

When it comes to market competition in domestic purification engineering work, the primary focus has shifted from price competition to value competition. Taking the purification workshop of electronic products as an example, this type of product is currently undergoing changes in integration, precision, miniaturization, and functionality. Therefore, there are strict requirements for the reliability of components, and the requirements for the purification workshop are becoming increasingly strict.

For precision electronic components, a small amount of dust or static electricity is enough to cause a significant decrease in their yield rate, which in turn affects the company's efficiency. Taking the static voltage threshold of hard disk heads as an example, it has now reached within 3V, and the packaging environment requires reaching the level of Class10 or even Class1.

To achieve integration, precision, miniaturization, and functionality, cost and price will naturally progress, so price competition is clearly no longer applicable, but needs to shift to value competition. In summary, for companies working in purification engineering, they only need to possess technological research and independent innovation talents to continue their development and not be engulfed by the trend of the times.