The principle of laboratory fresh air system

2023-10-28 10:53

The fresh air system is an independent air handling system consisting of a gas supply system and an exhaust system. It is divided into ducted fresh air systems and ductless fresh air systems. The pipeline fresh air system consists of fresh air fans and pipeline accessories. The new blower purifies outdoor air into the room, and indoor air is discharged through pipelines; The non ducted fresh air system consists of new wind turbines and respiratory treasures, and outdoor air is also cleaned indoors through new blowers. At the same time, indoor air is expelled by breathing equipment. Relatively speaking, due to the large engineering volume, ducted fresh air systems are more suitable for industrial or large office areas, while ductless fresh air systems are more suitable for household use due to their convenient installation


The principle of the fresh air system:

The fresh air system uses special equipment to deliver fresh air to the enclosed indoor area, and then exhausts it from the other side to the outside through specialized equipment. Create a "new airflow field" in the room to meet the needs of fresh air ventilation. The implementation plan is to use a high air pressure, high flow fan, and rely on mechanical strength to supply air to the room from one side, while the other side uses a specially designed exhaust fan to discharge outward to force a new air flow field into the system. Filter the air entering the room while supplying air. Detoxification, disinfection, oxygenation, preheating (winter).