How to test whether the purification of a purification project is qualified?

2023-10-28 10:36

The acceptance of a purification project is the process of ensuring that the purification project meets design requirements and relevant standards. How to detect whether the purification of the purification project is qualified during the acceptance process?

(1) Check the drawings: Check whether the actual construction is consistent with the

design drawings, including the location and quantity of fans, efficient air outlets, return air outlets, lighting and ultraviolet radiation, etc.

(2) Check the operation of the equipment: Turn on all fans, check whether the fans are running normally, whether the noise is too high, whether the current is overloaded, and whether the fan air volume is normal.

(3) Air shower room inspection: Use an anemometer to measure whether the wind speed in the air shower room meets national standards.


(4) Efficient air outlet leak detection: Use a dust particle counter to detect the sealing condition of the efficient air outlet. If there are gaps, the number of particles will exceed the limit.

(5) Interlayer inspection: Check the hygiene and cleaning of the interlayer, insulation of wires and pipelines, and sealing of pipelines.

(6) Purification level detection: Use a dust particle counter to measure the degree of purification and check whether it can reach the purification level specified in the contract.

(7) Temperature and humidity detection: Measure whether the temperature and humidity of the purification room meet the design standards.

(8) Positive pressure detection: Check whether the pressure difference between each room and the outside meets the design requirements.

(9) Air microbial count detection: Use sedimentation method to detect the number of microorganisms in the air and determine whether it has reached a sterile state.

(10) Color plate inspection: Check whether the color plate is installed firmly, spliced tightly, and whether the color plate and ground treatment are qualified.